AI-powered live & async meetings

Relayed helps teams conquer remote work, busy schedules and meeting fatigue.

Relayed Preview
Meetings are taking up too much of my time.
Said, everyone since 2020

Flexible video conferencing


If being there in person isn't critical or you’re not available, Relayed will keep you up-to-date automatically.

Speak async


Speak async to start or continue conversations at your own pace.



Relayed is designed to help you catch-up fast with summaries of every interaction.

Easy to share


Bring anyone in via a secret link (no app required). Use 'Restricted mode' to lock down access to individuals.

Keep it together


Unify all your live & async communication in a single place. Revisit or share conversations later.

I meet with my direct reports weekly, alternating between talking async & live. We're all saving time, whilst keeping our interactions not only structured but also highly personal.
Sancar Sahin — Co-founder